Brokken Records


De Wittenstraat 100
Amsterdam, 1052 BA
ph. +31 (0)20 4866669


Brokken Records Guitarist and composer Corrie van Binsbergen started her own record label in 2008: Brokken Records

Many styles meet and merge at Brokken Records. Common ground: adventurous, eclectic music without boundaries.

So far seven cds were released:

BR001: For a Dog - CRAM
BR002: Midday Moon - Tineke de Jong, Albert van Veenendaal, Hans Hasebos, Alan Purves
BR003: The Midge - Andy Bruce and The Rigidly Righteous
BR004: over de bergen - Corrie van Binsbergen & Josse De Pauw a.o.
BR005: VIER! - Corrie en de Grote Brokken
BR006: self portrait in pale blue - Corrie van Binsbergen
BR007: and the cowgirls kept on dancing - TWO AL’S

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  1. And the cowgirls kept on dancing The Two Al's
    And the cowgirls kept on dancing
    February 18, 2014
  2. Self Portrait In Pale Blue Corrie van Binsbergen
    Self Portrait In Pale Blue
    February 02, 2014

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