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Piet Heinkade 3
Amsterdam, 1019BR
ph. +31 20 7882150
em. publicity@bimhuis.nl


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BIMHUIS Radio BIMHUIS Radio is a cornerstone for jazz lovers around the world. A selection of unmissable concerts is broadcast live every month on the BIMHUIS' website.

The selection of concerts presented at BIMHUIS Radio reflects the breadth of the BIMHUIS' programming: from free jazz to modern jazz, bebop to world music, national to international musicians and from established artists to emerging talents.

The aim of BIMHUIS Radio is to foster and promote these music styles and give people all over the world the opportunity to listen to BIMHUIS' concerts.
  1. [no cover] Multiple Artists
    Jure Pukl 'Doubtless' live at BIMHUIS Amsterdam (September 24, 2018)
  2. [no cover] Multiple Artists
    Julian Lage Trio Live at BIMHUIS Amsterdam (September 17, 2018)
  3. [no cover] Multiple Artists
    Zara McFarlane (August 27, 2018)
  4. [no cover] Multiple Artists
    Nasheet Waits Equalty Quartet (August 13, 2018)
  5. [no cover] Multiple Artists
    Jazzmeia Horn (August 10, 2018)
  6. [no cover] Multiple Artists
    Rogier Telderman Trio (August 06, 2018)
  7. [no cover] Multiple Artists
    Doek Festival 2018 - This Is Our Music (July 30, 2018)
  8. [no cover] Multiple Artists
    Omer Avital Qantar (July 23, 2018)
  9. [no cover] Multiple Artists
    Benjamin Herman Birthday Bash - Project S (July 17, 2018)
  10. [no cover] Multiple Artists
    Jim Black's Malamute (July 10, 2018)
  11. [no cover] Multiple Artists
    Oded Tzur Quartet (July 02, 2018)
  12. [no cover] Multiple Artists
    Kaja Draksler Octet (June 20, 2018)
  13. Bob Reynolds Group Multiple Artists
    Bob Reynolds Group (June 14, 2018)
  14. Larry Goldings, Peter Bernstein, Bill Stewart live @ BIMHUIS Multiple Artists
    Larry Goldings, Peter Bernstein, Bill Stewart live @ BIMHUIS (June 04, 2018)
  15. Ralph Alessi & This Against That featuring Ravi Coltrane Multiple Artists
    Ralph Alessi & This Against That featuring Ravi Coltrane (May 29, 2018)


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